Wearing a school uniform at Our Lady of the River School is important because our uniform presents a united image to the public and is easily identifiable within the community. We believe that wearing a uniform, assists in the early development of good grooming habits and establishes a sense of pride and belonging among the students.

Our schools uniform is flexible in that parents and carers can choose what uniform best suits the child’s needs as well as being non-discriminatory, ensuring that it does not distinguish students with differing socio-economic backgrounds or cultures.

This is an affordable investment for parents, which requires an initial outlay of money, however, clearly reduces the expense of other clothes that parents may have to purchase whilst also eliminating competition in dress among students.

It is expected that students wear their hat all year round, except June-August, in line with our Sun Smart policy. We follow and enforce a ‘No hat, No play’ policy.

Please refer to the attached guidelines.